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Print Big Checks Mascot Leaning on a Dry Erase Board - Large check with arms, hands, and legs.

Our Goal

Easy Ordering.

Doing business shouldn't be difficult. We promise it never will be with us. There are only four simple steps:

  1. Select your design
  2. Fill out your BIG check
  3. Select your size
  4. Select your material

Well ok, five steps if you count having to pay. We intentionally made this easy. If you still have
questions, Ask away!

Our Materials

Quality Products.

The materials we use have some odd names. Gatorfoam®, Corplast®, Anti-Curl Banner Material...Don't worry though - we picked the best materials for the job. Learn more about the materials on our Products page.

Our Promise

Best Prices.

BIG checks shouldn't cost big money. We promise that you won't find a product as good as ours for any less. We aim to provide the highest quality product in a timely manner with the best service possible.

Our Parent Company

Who is Metzgers?

Metzgers started as a dream and family business in 1976. Both still are true today.

Metzgers began as a typehouse and has developed into a printing, mailing, fulfillment, and marketing firm serving corporations, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and ad agencies across the United States.

We are based in Toledo, Ohio but have clients reaching from coast to coast. Still interested in more info? Check out the Metzgers website.